Most Popular Marketplaces You Show Before Buying And Selling Coc Account

Most Popular Marketplaces You Show Before Buying And Selling Coc Account

Online Marketplaces For Clash Of Clans

There are several Clash of Clans platforms on the internet to exchange COC accounts. On the other hand, numerous online fraudsters frequent those markets. So, all Clash of Clans purchasers should know some crucial details regarding Clash of Clans marketplaces before acquiring an account.

In this article, we can discuss the top most popular marketplaces for buying and selling your Coc account. 

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A Quick Overview About Clash of Clans

Supercell, a Finnish video game company, created and released a massively multiplayer online strategy game known as Clash of Clans (COC).

The game debuted on the iOS platform on August 2, 2012, and on the Android platform via Google Play on October 7, 2013. Players band together in “clans” groups, build up their military and launch raids on other settlements to plunder their resources.

The game has four distinct currencies or materials. To protect themselves from enemy attacks, players can utilize gold and elixir to construct and improve defenses and traps, as well as to build and improve structures and soldiers.

Signing Up For Clash Of Clans

It takes around a year or two of playing time in Clash of Clans to get to Town Hall level 12 or 13.

It usually takes a long time (months) to unlock powerful units and build a robust and well-defended base. Sign up for a Clash of Clans account to quickly and easily bypass all that.

Famous Clash of Clans MarketPlaces:

There are many venues online to buy and sell Clash of Clans accounts, such as Igvault, G2G, game2kart, Eldorado, PlayerAuctions, and so on.

Game2kart is the best website and they have lots of Clash of Clans accounts for Sale.  Every single account provides huge savings. Each account has been properly established. However, they make happy customers above anything else. They guarantee the safety of your account. If there is ever a problem, they assure you that a full refund is guaranteed, and you can count on rapid, hassle-free delivery at any hour of the day or night.

Hundreds of dealers on these sites offer varied pricing for COC accounts ranging from Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 13. You may shop around for the correct account and then purchase it.

When selecting a COC account, players consider several criteria, including price, after-sale support, account security, and ease of payment.

Igvault is a Chinese corporation. Starting in 2006, they’ve been selling simulated commodities. A user of Igvault may buy or sell gaming accounts, Gold, and gems from a variety of games.

One of the most famous products in Igvault is Leagues of Legends accounts, WoW gold, and FIFA gold. Although they now provide boosting services, they only do so for three games, as this page was updated.

Assist: 8 out of 10

Igvault provides outstanding 24/7 Live support. Purchasers may always reach them.

If customer service cannot resolve an issue immediately, they will often send an email to a higher-up for a response within 24 hours.

Absence: 8/10

It’s easy and quick to request a withdrawal. Unless an escape is asked for on a Saturday or Sunday, payment is sent to sellers the next business day.

Skrill, PayPal, Webmoney, and Bank Transfer are all acceptable withdrawal methods. For whatever withdrawal method, the charge is typically around 2%.

Easy to buy from 6/10

The purchase procedure might be complicated. An Igvault Clash of Clans account requires a selfie with a passport as proof of identification.

Purchasers who have been validated can, after that, place orders and get accounts.

The manner of payment is flawless: 10/10

They’ll take just about every payment method you can think of, including Webmoney, Alipay, Alipay Wallet, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe, and more.

Assurance of funds: 5 out of 10

Igvault has everything going for it, except for one major flaw: several third-party vendors offer Clash of Clans accounts for purchase on the site. While many legitimate vendors exist online, specific dealers should be avoided. Therefore, extreme caution is required.

The guarantee duration for Clash of Clans accounts on Igvault ranges from 7 to 20 days. However, this is too long to be helpful. There is no way for a buyer to recoup his losses if he purchases a Clash of Clans account from a fraudulent vendor.

Although Igvault is a reliable source for Clash of Clans accounts, you should exercise caution when selecting. Overall, we rate Igvault at 7.4 out of 10.

The home of Eldorado is Lithuania. When compared to other companies in their field, they are relative newcomers, having opened for business in 2019. Their boosting services support many other games, including Dota 2, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Clash of Clans. You may always reach out to Eldorado for help, thanks to their round-the-clock Live service. In most cases, you may expect a prompt response.

It’s easy and quick to request a withdrawal. Unless you submit your withdrawal request on the weekend, you may expect payment within 24 hours.

Skrill, Bitcoin, SEPA, and Payoneer may all be used to withdraw funds. It’s a shame the withdrawal charge is so excessive compared to Igvault. To withdraw funds in cryptocurrency, for instance, you’ll be charged 4% plus 20 USD, while Igvault charges 2% plus 1 USD.

To put it another way, if you want to withdraw $100 from your cryptocurrency wallet, you’ll only get $76.20.

Evaluation of the Purchasing Procedure

The website’s user interface and checkout procedure are excellent; nevertheless, you may be required to provide identification or credit card details before purchasing. As a result, this isn’t the place to look if you want to avoid verification while creating a Clash of Clans account.

Chat with the seller and get your order after completing the necessary payment and verification steps.

Manner Of Payment

All transactions at Eldorado must be made using a credit card or a cryptocurrency. There are no other payment options, such as PayPal or Skrill. It means they will receive a lower grade than competitors that provide a more comprehensive range of payment options.

Security of Accounts

Similar to its rival, Igvault, Eldorado offers various Clash of Clans accounts from multiple merchants. The issue is that some vendors are trustworthy while others are not.

Every Clash of Clans account in Eldorado only has a 5-day guarantee term. So if something goes wrong with your account after 5 days, even if it was not your fault, you will be unable to get help and will lose your money.

Final Score for Eldorado

In conclusion, I can say that Eldorado has a state-of-the-art and aesthetically pleasing user interface (better than Igvault) and fantastic service. Still, you must be careful about which seller you buy a Clash of Clans account from to avoid losing money. Overall, we rate Eldorado at 7.2 out of 10.

If you’re a potential customer, this is a fact to consider before deciding on a Clash of Clans account. There is a high prevalence of fake profiles on those exchanges. In light of this, we cannot in good conscience endorse them.

Many victims of vendors on Igvault, Eldorado, G2G, and PlayerAuctions have come to my attention. Take a look at the screenshot below to see some of the criticisms leveled at one of the most popular COC vendors on Igvault.

If something goes wrong with a customer’s account between 5-20 days after signing up, they can file a dispute and perhaps get their money back.

However, there are two reasons why this guarantee period would not protect buyers against a fraudulent COC account transaction.

First, suppose a consumer raises a disagreement during the guarantee period. In that case, the seller may refuse to accept responsibility, and, in most situations, the marketplace will side with the seller, meaning the customer would be out any money spent.

Second, dishonest vendors wait until the guaranteed time has ended before reclaiming the account by using a different email address in supercell ID.

Given that the guaranteed time has passed, the consumer has no grounds for a disagreement.

Therefore, picking from these Clash of Clans markets puts your necessary money in danger.

I’m not claiming that every single account for sale on such markets is fraudulent or that every single seller is dishonest, but I can say with a high degree of certainty that over 60% of them do.

When selecting an account, here’s how to be safe from fraudsters. You should check the seller’s feedback and profile for any unfavorable remarks before purchasing a Clash of Clans account from one of the enormous Clash of Clans marketplaces.